Blue And Beyond - A unique photographic journey through the bountiful Islands of the Bahamas.

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Blue and Beyond is a curated collection of moments I spent in the islands of The Bahamas over the years. It has been love at first sight, since 2008, when I first visited. I don't think I'd ever seen any place so pure and beautiful. The aim of the book is to celebrate its waters, the clearest on the planet, its people and culture, and to convey a sense of this bountiful place, which too many times has been misinterpreted. The Bahamas are not the cruise ships of New Providence or the fancy towers of Atlantis or Bahamar; The Bahamas are its so-called family islands and hundreds of small cays scattered in the Atlantic Ocean. Luxury here is walking on a tongue of sand gifted from the tides, or riding a small boat at night under a blanket of stars, or chatting and drinking a bourbon with your friends in front of a bonfire on a private island. Luxury is spending the day with fishermen hunting for lobsters and listening to their stories. Luxury is stepping on a cay where no one did before. No more words now; I'll just let the images inspire you and spark wanderlust. If what you are looking for is freedom, simplicity, gin clear waters and beauty, then this is the place for you. For bespoke itineraries and travel experiences in The Bahamas feel free to get in touch with Alessandro at or visit the website
Happy daydreaming!