Catch da cat - Limited Edition

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Catch da cat - Cat Island, The Bahamas - Where Man and Nature coexist in a rare respectful balance.

Book Details:

140 pages
198 color photographs
31 poems

Size 13"x11" Hard Cover
Printed on Premium matte photo paper 148gsm

Limited Edition 100 Copies

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Book Foreword

Oh Cat Island, Cat Island! My mystical island paradise. The land of my forefathers and foremothers who collectively brought me back home to the beauty, tranquility, and the peace that Alessandro has captured in his photographs. His images remind me what it feels like to be human; to be in nature; to be in the arms of God and know my true purpose on earth: to help others.

Alessandro’s seascapes titillate my eye. The landscapes uplift my spirits. He illuminates the kindness, generosity, and love of a people who believe that God loves us all and protects us on this jewel island
in a crown known as The Bahamas.

When asked 'How you doing?' Cat Islanders always answer "Thank God for Life!" I add, thank God for Alessandro who sees Cat Island for the gift it is!

Pamela Poitier