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EXUMAS - The Kingdom of Blue
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Philautia Publishing
New Providence, The Bahamas


11.4"x 12.6"

216 pages


Re-Printed in Italy in November 2022

ISBN 978-0-578-75311-9

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With spectacular and quietly enchanting images by Italian photographer Alessandro Sarno, Exumas: The Kingdom of Blue holds a reverent gaze uplifting glimpses into the full spectrum of life amidst rare natural beauty. Gathered over many years of visits to the Exumas, The Kingdom of Blue humbly seeks to depict the vast expanses and small corners of a place whose infinite seascapes and multi-faceted landscapes are close to impossible to contain within the covers of a book. Alessandro Sarno’s perspective of gratitude for the people he met along the way and the gifts of exploring Exumas' myriad heart-of-the-ocean magic are splashed all through the pages of this extraordinary coffee table book. Paired with vignette stories, island poetry, a bonus soundtrack, and a special section highlighting the protected Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, this book is a welcome oasis of great calming vitality awaiting a world grappling with great change.

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