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Paradise Island - A Gem Hidden in Plain Sight
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Atlantis - Island Hotel Company


11"x 12.2"

180 pages


Printed in Italy in October 2022

ISBN 979-8-218-04413-8

About the book

Few gifts are as precious as the gift of seeing something familiar from a new and fresh perspective. The truly stunning photographs throughout the pages of Paradise Island -A Gem Hidden in Plain Sight, reframe the iconic landscape, shorelines, and landmarks of one of The Bahamas’ most popular destinations with a fresh eye. Through Alessandro Sarno’s artistic lens we re-experience the vibrant and luscious natural beauty and the energy, architecture, and unique vision of one of the hemisphere’s most memorable tourist attractions, the Atlantis resort. In this latest installment of his works on Bahamian islands, Sarno’s vision captures the seamless integration of human ingenuity with the natural environment and allows it to spill out from the page in dynamic and stirring images. His vision is captured through each curated page provides a window for the reader to experience or re-experience the wonders of a small limestone rock sitting in the crystal waters and bright sunshine of the Bahamian sun and allows us to marvel at both its natural and built
environments. The Atlantis Resort is a marvel of architectural splendour spilling out each photograph. Since its opening almost three decades ago, Atlantis has reshaped the perception of Paradise Island becoming an instant national landmark.

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